Tauni Fisher

Hello. I’m one of LuAnn’s character’s in her debut novel, and I’m super excited to tell you about me. Keedryn (the book’s main character) and I have worked together for two years. That’s how long she’s been at Boden Combs Healthcare. I’ve been here for five. That should make it clear enough as to why I should have gotten the promotion to work as the executive assistant to the hunky Blake Conner. Somehow Keedryn got my job, and I make sure she knows I’m not happy. I’m her thorn in the flesh, if you know what I mean. And proud of it.

Blake may be old enough to be my dad, but who cares. He’s fun to flirt with, and I can tell I get under Keedryn’s skin when I do. Blake couldn’t care less. His mind is elsewhere. That’s another thing that makes this so much fun. A challenge I’m not ready to give up on. I’ll catch his eye sooner or later. My goal is for Keedryn to be watching when it happens.

Fair—don’t you think? She stole my job. I’m going to steal her boss. And when he’s ready for a new assistant, I’m in.


Wes Thomas

Hi. I’m Wes. Keedryn and I worked in the same department for two years—Information Technologies. She transferred out with some big promotion a few months ago. If I want to see her, I need to make up excuses to go to the fourth floor where the execs reside and hope I’ll bump into her. I’ve been known to just pop into her office and give her one of my charming smiles. I’ve been after her since I’ve known her to go to lunch with me. She’s got this crazy idea it’s not proper to date someone you work with. I thought with her promotion, since we’re not in the same department any longer, she’d change her mind. I believe in miracles, but she hasn’t budged yet.

She’s a looker. Sweet too. A good God-fearing woman. Her husband died a few years ago, so she’s available. I’ve just got to figure out how to snag her attention without coming on too strong. I won’t give up. She’ll agree one of these days. Reckon I’ll buy me a big truck. Women like trucks, don’t they? And wear a Stetson? That would impress her. Sounds like I got me a plan.


Beth Davis

My name’s Beth. I work across the hall from Keedryn. She became a part of the Administration team a couple of months ago. However, we’ve known each other for two years. She started at BCH in the Information Technologies department. We hit it off right away. We share our faith in the Lord.

She’s the perfect assistant for Blake, although, she’s having a difficult time with him. She’s very guarded when she talks to me about him. She’s a loyal assistant. However, I know things that she doesn’t know.

Blake talks to Chad—my manager. Chad’s the president of BCH. And I hear things. Keedryn thinks Blake hates her. What she doesn’t know is that things will probably get a lot worse before they get better—if they get better. Blake’s been this way for several years. He’s a great guy, though. Just fallen on tough times and can’t let go of past heartaches.

Blake needs a new woman in his life. I know the right person for the job. Just need to convince her. I’m praying she’s the one who will pull him out of his gloomy existence.