Let Him Go

My debut novel, Let Him Go, is a love story between a widow with no interest in romance and her available but arrogant boss.

Keedryn Reynolds never expected to be an executive assistant to an arrogant boss who treats her poorly. With a growing pile of bills since her husband’s death, she wrestles with the challenge of keeping this job or quitting to find another job with less stress. After weeks of prayer, she feels compelled to share God’s love with this heartless man but soon finds she’s sharing her love as well.

Blake Conner finds his executive assistant’s work inadequate. She cannot do anything worthy of his appreciation. Or at least that’s the message he works hard to convey. Suffering from a broken heart over the death of his wife and an estranged son, Blake no longer has hope or faith.

Will Keedryn be the one who can finally break through the walls that surround Blake’s heart?