Let Him Go is being edited and reviewed.
A story of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Hope you enjoy this sneak peek look into the book’s characters.

Keedryn Reynolds

Let Him Go is my story, although, we’re all introducing ourselves before the book’s storyline opens. Not sure where LuAnn came up with the title. I guess she knows something I don’t.

My husband, Sam, died three years ago. Too soon to let him go. Two years earlier, I quit my position as an executive assistant to care for my granddaughter, Nicki, so my daughter, Jenny, could finish college. She graduated a few weeks before Sam’s passing.

My church needed some help in the office and hired me to do clerical work. I enjoyed my position for almost a year, but my income wasn’t enough to pay off Sam’s medical bills and replenish the money we’d taken from our retirement accounts.

I found an administrative assistant position with my current employer and recently received a promotion as the assistant to the executive vice president, Blake Conner.

He’s not the easiest boss I’ve worked for. But I’m sure our working relationship will improve. Can’t get any worse. Best quality—his looks. Worst—everything else. Enough about him.

Nicki brings me joy. She’s five and brings laughter to my lonely heart. We like to snuggle and read together. She helps me bake cookies and sings Veggie Tale songs to me. Reminds me. I need to call Jenny and ask if Nicki can spend this weekend at my place.


Blake Conner

This is ridiculous. LuAnn asked me to share my bio with you. I say if you want to know about me, just read her book. It’s all there. Well—most of it anyway. I’m a busy executive. I don’t have time for this nonsense. I haven’t had my cup of coffee today, and I’m feeling a little cranky. Keedryn would probably say, a lot cranky—but that’s her problem. She just doesn’t get me like my old assistant did. Why do good people think they need to retire at a certain age? Debra was a real asset. Keedryn leaves a lot to be desired.

Tauni brings a little life into our dull, hum-drum days. Fun to observe the two women together. Tauni and Keedryn. Tauni’s like a wild cat ready to pounce. Keedryn tries to stay calm and steady, but she can’t fool me. I see the fire in her eyes ignite when Tauni comes near. One of these days those two women are going to battle it out. That may be enough to bring a little smile to my face. Or not. Smiling would ruin my image and reveal the man I once was. He’s no longer me.

Maybe I should tell Keedryn what I really think about her and her work. Would be a good way to get rid of her.