Allison Porter

Hi. I’m Allison Conner Porter. I dropped the Conner when I married Jim. He’s the love of my life. We’ve been married for twelve years and have a ten-year-old son—Timmy.

The book Let Him Go is a story about Keedryn Reynolds, but we haven’t met yet. I’ll meet her in Chapter Nine. I know her boss, Blake, very well. He’s my dad. He’s kind of grumpy, even around family. Been that way since Mom’s death. Time he moves on with his life.

A few of us have joined together to pray for my dad to find a special someone. His former assistant, Debra, along with Beth Davis, Chad Warren’s assistant, and I won’t be satisfied until he finds healing for his broken heart and falls in love again. We think his true love is already a part of his life, but he doesn’t know it yet. Neither does she from what I’ve been told.

Maybe soon?


Jenny Monroe

Hello. I’m Jenny. Keedryn’s my mom and the heroine of LuAnn’s novel. Quite an honor if you ask me. She’s a great mom and person. I suppose that’s why LuAnn chose to write about her.

When my daughter, Nicki, was born—almost six years ago—Mom left a great job to take care of my baby, so I could finish college. She sacrificed a lot. Everything went along fine until Dad got sick. Heart problems. He died three years ago. Nicki was a lifeline for Mom along with the Lord, of course.

Two years ago, Mom found a new job. She was happy until a few months ago when she received a promotion. Now she works with this cranky old guy. It’s just not fair the way he treats her. I try to cheer her up and suggest we hang out, do lunch, go shopping, movies—that sort of thing. But she enjoys sitting at home with a book and her cat. Oh. Reminds me. I heard my daughter practicing her introduction. When she introduces herself, she’ll make her Nana sound a little crazy about the cat. Just ignore her. I’ve seen Roxie.

One more thing. I think Mom is ready for a man in her life. She needs someone. There’s this man at my church. He’s nice, sweet, and good-looking too. They’d make the perfect couple. What do you think? Should I fix them up? Just might help relieve her anxiety after working with Mr. Sternface all day.


Nicki Monroe

You want me to tell everybody who I am? Okay.

I’m Nicki. Keedryn is my Nana. She’s the best Nana in the whole world. I love her a bunch. She didn’t tell me, but I know she misses my Papa Sam. He died when I was two, so I don’t remember him. I’m much older now. I’ll be six in a few months, and I started kindergarten. I have a picture of me in Papa Sam’s lap, and I kiss him good-night before I go to bed.

My Nana is lonely. She lives all by herself. Well, not really. She has an imaginary cat named Roxie. I asked Momma and Daddy why she can’t live with us. She took care of me when I was a baby. I like having Nana close. But they said she should live on her own. That’s sad. She needs me. She comes to see me a lot, and I go to her house for sleepovers too.

What she really needs is a new Papa—well, that’s what I need. I’ve been praying for one. Every night. I’ll know him when I see him too. He’s out there. For Nana. And for me.

Love, Nicki